Pregnancy and post natal rehabilitation

Giving birth can be a big trauma for our body (Natural birth as well as C-section).
You can feel overwhelm by your new role as a mum with your newborn and may not have time to think about you. However, it is essential to recover fully to be at your best for him/her!
During pregnancy, the body went through many transformations. Your ligaments and muscles have been stretched, your posture changed, you gain weight, ect. Now it is time to slowly go back to normal. It implies making sure everything went fine, nothing is blocked and if there were some issues (tear, episiotomy, diastasis…) to help them to recover properly.

Consequently, to check you entirely, we use two sessions (an osteopathic one and one with a women’s health physio). They will include :

Women’s Health Physio assessment

Abdominal muscles

Check for a diastasis (gap between rectus abdominus)

Evaluation of good automatism when coughing, running…

Most of the time, after a pregnancy your transverse muscle is weaker than before leading to a lack of abdominal control. This weakness is one of the reason of pelvic pain, incontinence, urgency…

Check of c-section scar and teaching auto massage

Check of episiotomy or tear scar and teaching massage

Evaluation of strength, endurance and functions of pelvic floor muscles

Osteopathic assessment

Check your posture

Compensation, asymmetry, etc.

Joint movements especially your pelvic joints

Sacro-iliac joints, pubis symphysis
Which can lack movement or be inflamed

Visceral Check

Abdominal organs had very little space by the end of your pregnancy and giving birth (especially C-section) may have upset your digestive system and need a good reboot!

Diaphragm and breathing check

As the diaphragm had to change is mechanic during pregnancy and now need to come back to its normal place.